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Riki Stool / High

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Design: Riki Watanabe (1965)
W 330 x D 330 x H 420mm (Withstand Load: 650kg)
Package: W 725 x D 310 x H 50mm



METROCS (Made in Japan)

This is a Cardboard stool designed by "Q-designers" a design office led by Riki Watanabe. It is strong enough to use as a chair, but also light for children to play with it like building blocks. It is easy to assemble and then folded away compactly. This stool is used in various ways in public areas and workshops.

  • Riki Watanabe [1911-2013]

    Born in Tokyo, graduated from the Woodcraft Departmentat Tokyo Higher School of Arts and Design (now Chiba University) in 1936, and after joined Gunma Prefecture Industrial Arts Center under the direction of Bruno Taut, established his own design office in 1949. He got famous with the low-cost String Chair "Himo Chair" in 1952. In 1956, he formed the Q-designers, which brought about reforms in the early days of after-war Japanese design by inventing the "Torii Stool" and the "Riki Stool," among others. In his later years, he focused on clock design, and the "Riki Clock," named after his own name and released in 2003, became his masterpiece.


    METROCS is an interior products brand selling masterpiece design items with a long history originating in Japan and Europe. By handling items that do not become outdated due to the flow of time but rather increase their presence with each passing year, METROCS supports evolution of the lifestyles of a broad spectrum of users, transcending both generations and gender. Selecting future masterpieces from among a range of outstanding products and creating a future for them is both our mission and our pleasure.




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