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About Us

Finding, creating, conveying,
and bequeathing items
that enrich our lifestyles

The name “Metropolitan Gallery” was chosen to reflect the company’s aim to become an “urban product gallery,” meaning a place where each individual item (product) is scrutinized from every perspective and conveying the innovation and integrity inherent in not only the styling but also the materials, parts, and construction method.
Our hope is that the products presented by Metropolitan Gallery will introduce users—our most valued stakeholders—to the world of authenticity.
“I took a liking to it, so I used it all the time and, before I knew it, 10 or 20 years had passed.” We intend to proactively introduce items such as these.
To that end, everyone at Metropolitan Gallery works to develop products in cooperation with creators, sellers, communicators, and other external stakeholders whose thinking resonates with our own, as we endeavor to popularize and distribute these products throughout Japan and the world.

Every item discovered through the sound aesthetic sense of Metropolitan Gallery’s METROCS business, or planned, developed, and sold independently, is packed with its creators’ ingenuity and sensitivity, as well as an inherited “chic” stylishness of materials and techniques.
By incorporating these items into their everyday living as tools or personal fashion statements, users are able to resolve problems, discover new value, and experience creative lifestyles. It is precisely for this reason that METROCS is committed to being a business that evolves people’s everyday living through use of our products.

None of the items discovered through METROCS’ sound aesthetic sense, or planned, developed, and sold independently, is a “fad” item that will soon become obsolescent as fashion trends change; rather, a mandatory condition for each of our products is that users be able to continuously savor the value over the course of an item’s utilization.
Needless to say, each item is a “truly high-quality product” in every respect, from materials and parts through construction method, but ideally, each item also imparts a sense of the thinking and philosophy of its designer.
Accordingly, METROCS is committed to not only selecting and selling truly high-quality products but also reviving lost items or designs that are essential to our times, or to the future, and to passing these on to future generations.
Furthermore, if there is any item or design that could be essential to our times or to the future but does not currently exist, we will collaborate with contemporary designers to create it and pass it down in perpetuity.

Metropolitan Gallery Inc.
Yuji Shimotsubo
6-18-2, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, JAPAN
+81 (0) 3 5777 4787

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Mar. 1993
Established Metropolitan Gallery Ltd.
Apr. 1993
Opened "Metropolitan Gallery" as an interior shop in Sapporo
Oct. 1998
Established "Metropolitan Products" as Product development and Wholesale department
Sep. 2000
Opened Online shop
Aug. 2002
Changed the shop name to "METROCS"
Mar. 2003
Reorganized from a limited company to a stock company
May. 2003
Opened a branch shop "METROCS Tokyo" in Minato-ku, Shimbashi
Mar. 2007
Relocated its Online shop in Sapporo to Tokyo
Feb. 2008
Relocated "Metropolitan Products" from Sapporo to Tokyo Changed the name to "Wholesale Div."
May. 2008
Launched "n-crafts@metrocs" as a craft brand of METROCS
Oct. 2008
Changed the domain of Online shop to "metrocs.jp"
Feb. 2009
Spun off the office in Sapporo and relocated the head office to Tokyo
Mar. 2010
Launched "Overseas sales Sect." specialized for exporting
Apr. 2013
Separated Product development department from Wholesale Div. and launched as "Merchandising Div."
Sep. 2019
Launched the original brand "nuskool" with young designers




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