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Japanese Paper Lantern Shade / SHIZUKU

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Design: Toshiyuki Tani
W 460 x H 350 x D 460mm


Japanese paper, Bamboo
Please note bulbs are not included.

Beautiful Lighting with warmth of Japanese paper and sophisticated technique of craftsman Pendant lamp designed by a lamp designer, Toshiyuki Tani

Japanese paper shades are made by the craftsmanship of Mito, which is one of Japan's three largest lantern makers. Lanterns are treated with coating to prevent from water and stains. It is also made by PET resin and starchy glue, which is good material for the environment. Usually many paper lanterns are applied with bamboo or wire, but this thin Japanese paper is wrapped around the PET resin to reduce the shadow of the paper itself.
In addition, a uniform octagon is expressed by heat treatment without using wire. It is a beautiful lighting that shines with the warmth of Japanese paper and the skill of delicate craftsmen.

FUJI is a magnificent form that spreads out toward the foot of Mt. Fuji. A part by natural wood is used to connect the shade and the cord, making it an accent that tightens the soft impression of Japanese paper.

  • Toshiyuki Tani (Japan)

    Became active from 2006 as “Lighting Designer, Toshiyuki Tani” after graduating from the Department of Product and Interior Design, Kobe Design University. Known for his modern designs, which incorporate traditional Japanese crafting techniques and are reminiscent of the period around 1950. Highly praised overseas as well, and holds exhibitions not only in Japan but also France and Germany.




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