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SK Lamp / Dome

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Design: Shosaku Kondo (1969)
D 430 x H 210mm


Bamboo, Opaque Acrylic

METROCS (made in Japan)

Cord Length: 1 m (cord adjuster attached)
Type: Hook Sealing Plug
Suitable Light Bulb: E26 60W (the light bulb is not attached)
*This light system is suitable up to 100V. Only shade without the light system can be sold for the customers outside Japan. Please contact us for the details.

The pendant lamp designed by Shosaku Kondo in the 1960s. The production of this light was halted in 2008 due to the advanced age of the craftsman, but in 2015 he passed down the method of weaving to young bamboo craftsman in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, enabling a reproduction of the lamp. The integrated shade which combines the bamboo woven by "yotsume" pattern (symbolic of Kondo) with molded acrylic uses the bamboo outer surface for the inner side of the shade. This creates a beautiful curved and springy from which is characteristic of bamboo. The lamp, which was conceived more than 40 years ago, holds an attraction continues to today.

  • Shosaku Kondo [1927-2021]

    Born in Niigata Prefecture, he began training in bamboo craftsmanship in 1945 and opened his own studio in 1961. In 1982, he received the Kunii Kitaro Japan Industrial Art Award, which formed the foundation of today’s industrial design and brought many new talented people into the world of modern design. Today he is known as the leading authority on lighting made from bamboo. Incorporating the ideas of industrial design, his works which utilize on the characteristics of the materials have a large influence of modern craft design. As a designer, craft artist, and artisan he has received high praise both at home and abroad.


    METROCS is an interior products brand selling masterpiece design items with a long history originating in Japan and Europe. By handling items that do not become outdated due to the flow of time but rather increase their presence with each passing year, METROCS supports evolution of the lifestyles of a broad spectrum of users, transcending both generations and gender. Selecting future masterpieces from among a range of outstanding products and creating a future for them is both our mission and our pleasure.




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