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FLAT Plate

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Kasama ware, Ibaraki Pref.
19: D 190 x 9mm
23: D 230 x 9mm
27: D 270 x 9mm


Surprisingly thin and light! New Kasama ware that changed the image

Exceedingly thin and light. FLAT Plate is a ceramic series that changed the image of traditional Kasama ware, which was thick and heavy. We are glad to introduce the tableware with an old tradition and a new technique collaborated to deliver the ware which fits the modern dining style.

You will be surprised by the weight when picking up the FLAT Plate. The thickness of the plate is less than 1cm. Although it is so thin and lightweight, it does not feel brittle from the hardened ceramic skin. The plate is highly recommended for everyday use. There are 3 sizes, the largest size is good for one-plate meals. The glaze is available in two colors, Kasama traditional black and modern gray, you may enjoy different mood of each color.




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