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Cork Building Block / 12 pc-set

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Package Size: W 265 x D 200 x H 58mm


Suitable for the children over 1 year.

JIYU GAKUEN Seikatsu Kougei Laboratory

This building block has been loved over 3 generations since it was released in 1931. Compared with the wood, cork is lighter and has more friction that enable to put the block even in a slant position. This character of the material expands the way of playing.
As it is more elastic and has more cushioning than wooden block, there is less shock and sound in case of falling down. Also, each block is chamfered for safety.

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. The bark can regenerate itself in 8-10 years after it is stripped, during the tree's life span of 150-200 years. It is said the cork oak absorbs over 3 times more of CO2 without bark. It is eco-friendly material. This building block made by high quality large cork chip from Portugal, proceeded in Japan. It clears Specifications and Standards for Food, Food Additives, Etc. based on Japanese Food Sanitation Act.

The smallest piece in 12 pc-set is 4.4cm square. It is recommended for the first building block for children as it is safe and easy to hold with small hands.


As the cork is soft material, there is possibility of damage by adding strong power or by biting.
Please take care children would not put any broken pieces into the mouth.


If it gets dirty, please wipe with wet cloth then dry cloth, and dry with the sun until it is completely dried. Please store with desiccant pack for long-term storage.

  • JIYU GAKUEN Seikatsu Kougei Laboratory

    Established in 1932 by graduates of Jiyu Gakuen who mastered professional skills of art, textile, dyeing and etc. They are introducing the items connecting with design and art, such as the cloth that will have good aging texture during long-term use, and the items that are not just for use but also to enrich the heart.




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