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Design: Kenji Ito (2019)
2 steps: W 855 x D 425 x H 474mm
3 steps: W 855 x D 425 x H 823mm
4 steps: W 855 x D 425 x H 1172mm

Beech, linoleum, steel

nuskool (made in Japan)

A shelf where playfulness is born in an open space

“LOG” meaning a round trunk of a tree. We have created an attractive shelf that looks like a log built in an orderly form. Beech is used for a 30mm diameter wooden frame, and linoleum, made from natural materials is used for the surface of the matte textured shelf board. The bright and calm atmosphere of beech and the tranquil expression of linoleum gently enhance each other's charm and create a high-quality accent in the space.

It is a shelf with a simple structure consisting of a ladder-like frame and shelf board. Since there is no backboard and both sides are the same, it can be used as a partition.

The core material of the shelf board adopts a honeycomb structure (*) for the purpose of weight reduction. Beautiful details with great attention to detail are carefully made by craftsmen in the suburbs of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, one of Japan's leading furniture manufacturers. With an adjuster that supports the inclination of the floor surface to stay the shelf stable.

What is honeycomb structure?

A paper-made structure like a honeycomb with regular hexagonal tubes laid out on a flat surface.

  • Kenji Ito (MUTE) [1983-]

    Born in Shimane Prefecture. Graduated Kuwasawa Design School. Formed MUTE in 2008 with Takahiro Umino. In addition to involvement in client work centered on product design at MUTE, he has also been proactivery personally involved in production activities and project exhibitions. Received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD and YOUNG DESIGNER AWARD.

  • nuskool

    The mission of nuskool is to collaborate with contemporary designers to create any items or designs that are essential to our times or to the future but do not currently exist, and to pass them on to future generations. Rather than being constrained within the framework of existing items, nuskool aims to produce, through co-creation with young designers, born-in-Japan items that will become enduring masterpieces.




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