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Wool Rug / colorful accents

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Design: Max Bill (1946)
1600: W 1600 x D 1600mm
1800: W 1800 x D 1800mm
2000: W 2000 x D 2000mm
Length of pile: 13mm

Wool 100%

METROCS(made in Japan)

It can be used on floor heating or electric carpet.
* surface - heat resistant

This rug is like an art piece in living space. The max, biena + jakob bill foundation supervised the commercial production of the rug designed by Max Bill, based on graphic art [colorful accents. (1946)] born from his mathematical concept. The 9 bright colors are interspersed on the grayish-white base.Each piece is hand-crafted in Japan and the material can be chosen from acrylic 100% or wool 100%. Both materials have soft texture providing a year-round pleasant feel.

Wool Rug

The wool type rugs were discontinued in 2020, but have now been re-launched with a new loop pile type specification. The smooth feeling loop pile is resilient and has excellent restorative properties.
The yarn is made in Japan. Each rug is handmade by craftsmen and is of high quality. Wool rugs are durable and have the ability to regulate humidity, keeping you dry and comfortable even during the rainy season. They also have a high insulating effect, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Max Bill [1908-1994]

    Born in Winterthur, Switzerland. For three years beginning in 1924, Bill studied silversmith in Zurich, after which he studied under Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee at Bauhaus. Bill wore many hats, including that of painter, sculptor, graphic artist, architect, and industrial designer. Later, determined to pass on the spirit of Bauhaus, he devoted himself to the founding the Ulm School of Design, where he would serve as the school’s first chancellor. Consistently pursuing the creative process founded in “regularity” and “logic,” today his theories have a profound influence on the worlds of design and art.


    METROCS is an interior products brand selling masterpiece design items with a long history originating in Japan and Europe. By handling items that do not become outdated due to the flow of time but rather increase their presence with each passing year, METROCS supports evolution of the lifestyles of a broad spectrum of users, transcending both generations and gender. Selecting future masterpieces from among a range of outstanding products and creating a future for them is both our mission and our pleasure.




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