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SUNAO Kitchen Tools

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Design: graf
Ladle: L 296mm
Chopstick: L 330mm
Turner: L 297mm
Tongs: L 275mm

18-8 Stainless Steel

The concept of "SUNAO" is based on the image that the word "SUNAO" conjures up in the imagination.
The word "SUNAO" conjures up images such as a seedling growing straight and ripples floating on a pond. The word "SUNAO" is a word that represents the "strength" of accepting various environments and effects.
SUNAO" is also based on the concept of "cutlery that fits the Japanese dining table. The slightly smaller size of the cutlery is a result of considering the size that fits Japanese people's hands and the fact that the cutlery will be used alongside chopsticks in the current Japanese diet. This "shape" was created as a result of various efforts to fully demonstrate the functions of each item.

  • graf/decorarive mode no.3

    graf/decorarive mode no.3 was formed by six people (an architect, product designer, carpenter, furniture craftsman, artist, and chef) to propose designs for all aspects of living space. They have a studio, office, showroom, restaurant, and gallery in the graf building in Nakanoshima, Osaka, and are highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also abroad.




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