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wawa Mirror / L

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Manufacturer: TSURUYA SHOTEN

W 380 x D 70 x H 420mm


Rattan, mirror, steel(Electrodeposition Coating)
※As the products are hand-made using natural rattan, there are individual differences in size, finish, and rattan color.

nuskool (made in Japan)

A mirror that explores the potential of rattan

We have created our original wall-mounted mirror designed by TORAFU ARCHITECTS. The mirror is made of rattan, a material with more than 1,000 years history in Japan. Its frame, which makes use of rattan’s characteristic flexibility and strength, is simple yet projects a sense of presence. “wa” means “ring” in Japanese, and the name “wawa” comes from its “overlapping rings” shape made from spiraled thick rattan. The rattan frames are carefully crafted by hand at TSURUYA SHOTEN, a rattan product manufacturer founded in Yamagata Prefecture in 1907.


    Founded in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, TORAFU ARCHITECTS employs a working approach based on architectural thinking. Works by the duo include a diverse range of projects, from architectural design to interior design for shops, exhibition space design, product design, spatial installations and film making. Some of their main works include “TEMPLATE IN CLASKA”, “airvase” and “AA STOOL”. Their works have received a number of awards such as Red Dot: Best of the Best, and “airvase” was selected for the permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 2015.

  • nuskool

    The mission of nuskool is to collaborate with contemporary designers to create any items or designs that are essential to our times or to the future but do not currently exist, and to pass them on to future generations. Rather than being constrained within the framework of existing items, nuskool aims to produce, through co-creation with young designers, born-in-Japan items that will become enduring masterpieces.




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