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Kamasada Bottle opener

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No.130: W 38 x D 6 x H 103mm
No.154: W 50 x D 6 x H 120mm
No.155: W 45 x D6 x H 122mm
No.159: W 48 x D6 x H 80mm



Simple, modern design bottle openers are made by Kamasada, the long-established cast iron studio. Present leading figure Nobuho Miya has been living in Finland and works internationally. We can see some similarity with Scandinavian Design on his works in the aspect of its light and sophisticated design whereas taking after the traditional Japanese techniques from Meiji Period (1868-1912). As well as daily use, it is also perfect for small gift.

  • Kamasada / Nobuho Miya

    Kamasada is an established studio of Nanbu Tekki cast iron founded in the Meiji era (1868-1912). It transforms heavy weight black iron into simplistic yet modern design products while maintaining traditional techniques. The studio creates various items and has become widely known for its contemporary craftsmanship both within and outside Japan.




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