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Imono Kettle / Iron handle

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Design: Hisanori Masuda 
Manufacture: Chushin Kobo

M: W 188 x D 148 x H 184mm (1.4L)
L: W 202 x D 162 x H 195mm (1.8L)

M: 2kg
L: 2.5kg

Ironoutside: melamine resin coating
inside: lacquer coating
knob: white oak

[Available heat source]
Direct fire and IH cooking heater safe.
Do not use in microwave, oven or dish washing machines.

This is a series of iron cast kettles with iron handle. On the kettles lid, the wooden knob is designed for ease of use and you can choose either white oak or a walnut one. The bottom of the kettle is a flat design and can be used on either an electric cooker or an electric range stove.
The hot water which is boiled by a casting kettle is able to erase almost all chlorine from tap water; so the water will be mild, have no smell and will be tasty hot water.
Using cast iron kettles is a great way of adding iron into your diet. You can enjoy tasty hot tea with a hint of healthy iron. The iron of hot water and the tannin of tea react together to make your tea time more enjoyable.

It received Good Design Award 2012. The modern designed kettle which is made with a traditional technique that is suited for a modern lifestyle.

  • Chushin Kobo

    Established by Hisanori Masuda in 1997, Chushin Kobo specializes in Yamagata iron casting. The workshop produces originally designed items and revives items designed mainly in the 1960s by the Master Mosuke Yoshitake, and offers the traditional beauty of cast iron for use in the modern lifestyle.




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