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Iron Warmer / Madoka

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Design: Hisanori Masuda 
Manufacture: Chushin Kobo

S: W 110 x D 110 x H 65mm
L: W 130 x D 130 x H 70mm

S: 750g
L: 1100g

Acrylic baking finish

Sold with candle

The “Warmer”, of course, has the function of keeping warm, but the light of the candle illuminates the table and enhances the atmosphere. Setting the Iron kettle on a warmer, you can enjoy tea time with a feeling of relaxation.
Warmers are a tool to be used every day in Europe and America, but there are still few things used in Japanese homes yet.
Please use it to make a relaxing atmosphere around the table. The warmer is not a tool to boil water, it is a tool to keep water warm.
This warmer suit not only with Imono Kettles, but also French Pot au feu, Cheese Fondue, as well as Italian Bagna Cauda.

  • Chushin Kobo

    Established by Hisanori Masuda in 1997, Chushin Kobo specializes in Yamagata iron casting. The workshop produces originally designed items and revives items designed mainly in the 1960s by the Master Mosuke Yoshitake, and offers the traditional beauty of cast iron for use in the modern lifestyle.




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