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Butterfly Bowl

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S: W 120 x D 112 x H 73mm
L: W 146 x D 137 x H 87mm


Kihachi Kobo

As its name, the shape of this wooden bowl is just like a butterfly flying. The gentle curve of the edge of the bowl decorates the food elegantly. It is made of Japanese natural zelkova, finished with matt and smooth texture on the beautiful wood grain. By Japanese traditional technique of Yamanaka Laqureware *, it is thinly curved as an objet. With stain-resistant, the bowl has the combination of beauty and the practicality for everyday use. There are 2 sizes of small and large to choose from.

Yamanaka Lacquerware

Using traditional techniques cultivated in the past 450 years, Yamanaka Lacquerware have been made in the vicinity of Yamanaka hot springs in Ishikawa Prefecture. The cutting method called "Tatekidori" (Cutting wood horizontality) contributes to Yamanaka Lacquerware's uniqueness. The wood has beautiful appearance with the contrast between cross-grain and straight-grain. The production is based on the division of labor between each process of wood turning, undercoating, top coating and maki-e (Japanese gold sprinkle painting). Those processes are coordinated by the management people called 'Akindo' who direct design and finishing quality for new products creation.

  • Kihachi Kobo

    Founded in 1882, Kihachi Kobo is the oldest lacquer ware brand of the traditional craft of Yamanaka lacquer ware. Having top class Kijishi (wood turners), Shitajishi (underlayer makers) and Makieshi (gold lacquer masters), the studio is particular about producing domestically to create various items from premium products to everyday items in diverse styles from the traditional to the modern.




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