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Kagawa Lacquerware Tray 33

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D 330 x H 19mm


Natural wood (Lacquerware)

Shikoku / Kagawa Handicrafts

One of the representative patterns of Kagawa lacquer ware, Marubon Koma is a tray with a border pattern. The cute carving design is originated from toy with folk-art appearance. Its natural wood grain surface is lacquer finish with fine line carving. The colored lacquer is painted in the center. It has a retrospective appearance that combines traditional craftsmanship and modern design.


A general term for lacquerware made in Kagawa prefecture that developed in the Edo period. There are five techniques: Konma, Kinsei, Choshi, Chogo, Goto Nuri, and Zouya Nuri. It was designated as a national traditional craft in 1976. It is characterized by the technique of carving and the beauty of colored lacquer, and is extremely durable and easy to handle.

  • Hachijunana.go

    This lacquerware product brand was launched in 2015 by lacquerware studio KAWAGUCHIYA-SHIKKITEN, established in Kagawa Prefecture in 1946. Utilizing the traditional techniques for creating Kagawa lacquerware, characterized by gorgeous engravings and colored lacquer, the brand is carrying out production under the concept of “tools that bestow a sense of happiness within everyday living”.




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