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Kairagi Plate

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15.5: D 155 x H 52mm
20: D 200 x H 17mm
21: D 200 x H 17mm
23.5: D 230 x H 33mm
11.5: D 115 x H 95mm

Ceramic (Mino ware)

This item is highly water-absorbent. It might cause slight color staining. It is recommended to soak in the water for 10min before usage.

Simple and Unique Texture

The pottery technique, “kairagi” was used for Ido tea bowl from the 16th century. It has a unique texture with a soft form and has a rustic texture with a strong presence.The plate of 15.5 cm in diameter is a convenient size such as a salad bowl and soup. As it is pottery, it dries easily and can be stacked. It has a great shape for everyday use.

"What is Kairagi?"

Kairagi is one of the pottery techniques which tea masters used to love. The glaze was shrunk and solidified under various conditions, and it was originally treated as something that failed during the firing process, but it was preferred as a unique texture. Shagreen wrapped around the handle of the sword is called "Kairagi". This technique is called as it because its surface looks alike.




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