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Grinding Bowl

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Mino ware, Gifu Pref.
SS: D 100 x H 37mm
S: D 105 x H 67mm
M: D 125 x H 82mm
L: D 155 x H 97mm


*can be used for microwave.
*Not for dish washing machine and oven.

Universal design for both right-handed and left-handed users

It is a mortar (Grinding Bowl) of “ripple comb” with beautiful curves like waves made in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. The mortars are usually drawn in a straight line, but by making it rippled, you can slide smoothly without choosing a dominant hand, without putting strength. As it can slide firmly without missing frictional force, it is recommended for those who are left-handed, as well as for woman and elderly. It is available in 4 sizes.

Takada-ware (Mino ware)

As one of the Mino ware, it is a ceramic ware baked around Takada and Onada that originated in 1616. It is made from "blue soil" called "Aoto" taken from "Takata" and is considered as a kind of earthenware soil.




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