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Tobe Plate

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Tobe ware, Ehime Pref.
S: D 220 x H 53mm (600g)
L: D 258 x H 53mm (1200g)


Traditional crafts designated as intangible cultural properties in Ehime Prefecture

It is a Tobe ware wine bottle made in Tobe-cho, Ehime prefecture. From the anecdote that Tobe ware did not break even when thrown together in a quarrel between husband and wife, it is a tough and durable porcelain that is also called a "Quarrel ware". One of the features of Tobe porcelain, the contrast painted in white porcelain and indigo blue, makes it simple, beautiful and clean.
This characteristic shape of the flat plate was manufactured at the request of Craft Center Japan around 1960s. The plate is universally designed to make it easy to scoop food with one hand by attaching a spoon to the rounded side surface.


Ceramics made in Tobe-cho, Ehime Prefecture, originated in 1775. On the thick and thick white porcelain, a hand-painted blue pattern called gosu is drawn. Tableware and vases are often produced as they are durable, hard and heavy. They are hard to crack or chip even when handled roughly. They are also designated as national traditional crafts and intangible cultural properties in Ehime Prefecture.




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