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Bamboo Graphic - wall decor

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Design: Hiroaki Higashi(2016), Shigemi Ohashi (2016), Maiko Shibata (2016), Satomi Nakamura (2016), Hajime Endo (2016)
H 318 x W 318mm


nuskool (made in Japan)

Interior frame of traditional craft A three-dimensional and rhythmic wall ornament by a young bamboo craftsman in Oita. Based on the concept of "a new way of expressing bamboo crafts," we have added an arrangement to the traditional knitting method to create a modern finish. It combines the delicacy of bamboo crafts with the sophistication of modern design.

  • nuskool

    The mission of nuskool is to collaborate with contemporary designers to create any items or designs that are essential to our times or to the future but do not currently exist, and to pass them on to future generations. Rather than being constrained within the framework of existing items, nuskool aims to produce, through co-creation with young designers, born-in-Japan items that will become enduring masterpieces.




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