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PRIMARIO Tissue Case

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Design: Michio Akita
W 250 x L 126 x H 74mm

Stainless Steel


Self-weighing Tissue Box
The Prima Rio series tissue box by product designer Michio Akita. This tissue box is more than just a blindfold. The weight of the stainless steel gives the box an unprecedented "feel when taking out tissues," and each time you take one out, you will be impressed by the "aha! The entire box is sloped, making it a product that is comfortable for the user.

  • Michio Akita

    Born in Osaka, Japan in 1953. He majored in Design & Industrial Arts at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine arts and Music, and graduated in 1977. After working at Kenwood Corporation and Sony Corporation, he works as a freelance product designer from 1988. His work rage is wide from household appliances to the public equipment.


    The less elements to the utmost limit, but still have enough function. The products are produced with the keywords “Solidity” “Style” and “Brilliance”. The brand was born in Takeda Design Project from Takada, the metal processing manufacturer in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture.




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