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Serizawa Keisuke Calendar

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Design: Keisuke Serizawa
W 135 x H 100mm

  • Keisuke Serizawa

    He was born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1895. He a Living National Treasure was a holder of “Kataezome”, an important intangible cultural heritage, and people around the world and in Japan appreciate him as a craftsman representing the 20th century. He had widely established new fields such as Kimono, bookbinding, calendar, signboard and lighting design.

  • Miyai

    A well-established wrapping cloth manufacturer founded in Kyoto in 1901. They offer a wide range of items, such as “Sashiko”, quilting embroidered with geometric designs based on traditional Japanese patterns. Wrapping cloth has long been a common item in Japanese daily life, and the company is engaged in conveying its value to the next generation.




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