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B.C.Series Wooden Bowl

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D 120 x H 78mm

Wood, Nano coat
Designed in Kishu Japan

Not for microwave, dish washer free,

A bowl inspired by the shape of the vessel used in BC

Tsunoda Seibee Shoten, which was founded in 1830 as a store specializing in Kishu lacquer ware at the end of Edo, is a long-established wholesaler with a history of about 190 years. Kishu lacquer ware, which is one of the "three major lacquer wares in Japan", has been popular with the general public since the Edo period as a "practical vessel" that is simple, durable, and easy to use.

The B.C. series is a bowl inspired by the shape of the vessel used in the BC era, which can be said to be the origin of Japanese food culture. You can choose from three types: TSUBO (pot), HACHI (pot), and KAME (jar).

The surface is specially processed with excellent durability and nano-coated, making it compatible with household dishwashers. You can use it conveniently in your daily life. The smooth mouthfeel, size and shape that fits in your hand make it easy to use, and it is useful in various scenes such as rice, side dishes, and desserts, in addition to soup.

  • Tsunoda Seibee Shoten

    A long-established wholesaler that handles Kishu lacquer ware, which was founded in Wakayama Prefecture in 1830. In consultation with many companies, factories, and craftsmen, we have been manufacturing lacquer products that are particular about quality and design since our founding. We continue to propose modern and simple products that harmonize with the traditional beauty of Japan and the modern lifestyle.




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